Custom Hardwood Supply, Inc., located in Louisville, Kentucky, offers a complete inventory of hardwood flooring products. Prefinished flooring has become extremely popular because of the selection and the factory finishes available today. Unfinished, or job site sand and finished floors allow homeowners to customize their floors with borders, accents and feature strip. Whether a hardwood floor is prefinished or custom finished, homeowners have more choices than ever before.

Prefinished floors are available in Maple, American Cherry, Brazilian Cherry, Walnut, Oak, Santos Mahogany, Australian Cypress and Tiete Rosewood.

Unfinished species also include: Hickory, Ash and Quartered Oak. Custom Hardwood Supply manufactures borders, accents, corners, mouldings and flooring patterns and can custom mill specialty sized for repairs on existing hardwood floors.

There is absolutely no substituting the authentic look of real hardwood floors. Discriminating homeowners have come to realize that hardwood floors increase property value. In addition, hardwood floors typically are a permanent addition to the house and will never be replaced if properly finished. Easy maintenance helps eliminate the presence of dust, mold and dirt. This has become a very important benefit for people who are concerned about the presence of airborne contaminants in their household.

Polyurethane finishes offer a variety of choices to the homeowner. Oil based finishes provide a finished product which will amber and bring out the natural beauty of hardwood. Water-based finished do not amber giving the wood a lighter appearance. Water-based finishes dry quickly, have no odor and clean-up with water. Whether water or oil based products are used, today's technology provides the end-user with a strong, hard-finish, which is easy to maintain. Hi-gloss, semi-gloss and satin are available in both types of finishes.

The proper hardwood mouldings and floor registers will give the finished project a complete and professional appearance. Good maintenance is achieved by regular vacuuming followed by dust mopping with an approved hardwood flooring cleaner. Walk-off mats at all entrances and floor protectors tapped into the bottom of chairs and tables help to guard against ugly digs and scratches developing over time.

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